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Working to Support Children in Orlando

From our extensive work with families in the Orlando area, Howes Insurance Agency knows exactly how traumatic and terrifying it can be when your child is diagnosed with a disease, disability, or critical medical condition. Our hearts go out to all the parents in our area fighting alongside their children for a better life, and our team is launching a campaign to help provide meaningful support to the families of children living with serious medical issues.

Ambassadors for Children in Need

The Howes Insurance Agency is a proud Regional Ambassador for the national #AgentsofChange initiative, and we will be working to help provide critical assistance to families in our area with children that require extra-special care. Our efforts will include working with local pediatric cancer relief groups, helping to provide educational and community resources to children with special needs, and sponsoring integration workshops to build inclusivity in our schools and public spaces.

There are thousands of children who need help, and we can’t do this alone. We need you.

Your Assistance is Crucial!

All we need you to do is help let people in our area know about this campaign. When you invite a friend, neighbor, or loved one into Howes Insurance Agency for a free policy consultation, it will give us a chance to provide more information about our ongoing effort to help local children. In addition, for every person you send our way, we will make a donation IN YOUR NAME to a local program working on behalf of children in the area with special needs or conditions.

Let’s Brighten as Many Futures as Possible

This campaign provides you and your family with a chance to help make real and positive changes for children in our community who need a little extra attention. Please join us, and let’s brighten as many futures as we can.


Rich Howes

Howes Insurance Agency

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November 2, 2018

Raised $30

Hope for Children Battling Critical Health Conditions
July 26, 2018

We are proud to be able to fund some of the relief needed by children with disabilities, special needs and other serious conditions and illnesses. This campaign is being dedicated to help children and their families living with Autism Spectrum Disorder – characterized by challenges with social skills, repetitive behaviors, speech and nonverbal communication. We […]

Children and their Families Living up to Their Potential
June 7, 2018

Our agency is raising awareness and support for individuals and families living with Autism. We are vested in promoting the well-being of those living with this disorder that is characterized by challenges with social skills, repetitive behaviors, speech and nonverbal communication. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates 1 in 68 children are […]

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January 25, 2018

“Founded in 1975, Canine Companions for Independence® is a non-profit organization that enhances the lives of people with disabilities by providing highly trained assistance dogs and ongoing support to ensure quality partnerships.” Service animals are known for helping their owners who have impaired vision, hearing, or limited mobility. But research suggests that there are many […]

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Science is the Cure in support of Kids Beating Cancer
July 28, 2017

Our agency is vested in an ongoing campaign to provide resources and support for ‘KIDS BEATING CANCER’. This beneficent cause supports children with cancer and related life threatening diseases in need of marrow and stem cell transplants. They are on a life-saving mission to make sure every child is given a chance to life. KBC provides resources […]